Our Vision

We want to see a world, where emotional well being is experienced in a holistic manner, and not just as ‘mental disease ‘. We dream of healing environments where every person uses their own capacity to make choices, heal themselves, recover and move on. Recovery methods will be creative, non-violent, non- -hazardous and playful.

Our Mission

We create, pilot and monitor community inclusion programs. Such programs enable the autonomy and independence of persons living with a mental health issues and psycho-social disabilities. We work towards linking people with Development services. Programs aim to expand on the aspirations and potential of communities, to strengthen resilience and opportunities for pursuit of happiness. Our program provides modular interventions to address a matrix of psychosocial needs by providing choice. We advocate to change the structural, social, legal and policy environment, so that they remain human rights compliant, just and fair to people with a psycho-social disability. We strive to create justice environments for people with psycho-social disabilities.

Center for Advocacy in Mental Health

Our Center for Advocacy in Mental Health is resource and training center. It's purpose is to create and share local knowledges and practices on the inclusion of persons with disabilities, by conducting relevant research, trainings, awareness and pilot projects using arts based therapy and other holistic means, to influence an outcome of having great policies for transforming communities for the inclusion of people with (mental and psychosocial) disabilities in India (and in Asia).

The Objectives
of the Resource and Training center are :

1.  Reach out
To reach out to a wide constituency at local, national and international levels on the lessons learnt regarding implementation of the UNCRPD, through partnerships and training programs

2.  Influence
To influence national and regional policies on disabilities inclusive development

3.  Research
To conduct research of high policy impact

4.   Implement
To create and implement on pilot basis innovative community development, inclusion and psychosocial wellbeing programs through strategic partnerships

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