Organizational Details

Legal name Bapu trust for Research on Mind & Discourse, Pune
Present Board Members Mrs. Sumangala Kumar (Chairperson, Board)
Mrs. Deepa Athani (Treasurer, Board)
Dr. Bhargavi Davar (Founding Trustee, Director)
Mrs. Kavita Nair (Trustee, Project Leader)
Address (Headquarters) 704 Fillicium, Nyati Estate,
Mohammedwadi, Pune 411060
Maharashtra, India
Local project address Building B1, Kaul Building, II Floor,
8 Guru Nanak Nagar, Off Shankar Seth road,
Pune 411042 Maharashtra India
Nature of Organization Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 Maharashtra
Registration Certificate Number Regd. No. 2790
Date of incorporation 01-09-1999, Pune
PAN Number AAATB3746Q
12A/AA Number and date Pn/CIT-I/12A(a)/80G/94/2008-09/1396, dated 18/06/2008
80G -No & Date of letter Perennial validity as per CBT circular
FCRA No 083930421 Valid until 31st October 2021
Yearly budget (average of last 3 years) 1,30,00,000 INR
Disability Registration Certificate B0059 valid until 05.08.2020.

For grant makers

  • At present we are seeking sponsors, partners and Development linked donors for maintaining and upscaling our Community based inclusion services in 2 states of India; and 2 countries of Asia

  • We are seeking funds for ‘Transforming communities for inclusion, Asia’

  • We are seeking research funds and collaborators on the theme of Mental health and Development

For Bank details

  • see our bank details here

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