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click to view - Programme & Schedule ‘Trans-Cultural Dialogues about Mental Health, Extreme states and Alternatives for recovery’ 26 – 28 November 2016 – PUNE, INDIA or go directly to the microsite INTAR INDIA 2016   by clicking here



It is great to connect with you on the occasion of INTAR 2016. 

Bapu Trust, Pune, has the privilege of organizing INTAR of 2016, in Pune city. We are really excited about this opportunity, to bring top of the class regional and global programs on Alternatives, into India, and to the Asian region. 

The International Network Toward Alternatives for Recovery (INTAR) has since last 10 years, been working to showcase and promote genuine alternatives for people who are experiencing distressing/altered/extreme mental states.  We know that around the world alternative service models have been developed that show truly promising results.  Yet such viable models have been under-utilized, under-funded and continue to operate in relative obscurity.  

INTAR, since the beginning, has been guided by two important principles: full recovery is possible and that the dignity and autonomy of the individual is paramount.   INTAR's mission:  To document the effectiveness of Alternatives; to refine and expand their use and to make them more accessible to people that need them.

The Bapu Trust resonates with these principles. Such a platform has become all important for India, and the Asian region. We hope to showcase some of the world's best alternatives programs, many led by persons with psychosocial disabilities. 

In this program, we also hope to have cross cultural dialogues between mental health / alternatives service providers, persons with psycho social disabilities, academics, and activists. 

Our latest flyer on the forthcoming event is up on the web. 

The program is between 26-28 th November of 2016. However, there is also the possibility of offering some Institutes or Learning circles before or after these dates.   

We hope that you and your colleagues will be very interested in these opportunities for dialogue and sharing learnings. Please do share far and wide in your networks and participate fully in those events next year. 

Information about venue, registration etc. will be published on this website in due course. Feel  free to get in touch with the organizing  

committee: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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