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Integrated development and realizing full human rights includes psychosocial health. However, it would be interesting to know, where the social justice and development needs end, and psychosocial / inclusion needs begin. Is it possible that the two are really overlapping areas?

Capacity Enhancement is one of the key focus areas of the Bapu Trust. We provide technical inputs, capacity build different constituencies, and conduct trainings at the grassroots level, national level as well as international level.

Our areas of training have the broad purpose of creating more and more communities, organizations and individuals who bring a community inclusion perspective to their work with people; who have necessary skill sets to practice support giving and care giving for persons with psychosocial disabilities; who address caring for self and others; and who would like to regain their personal aspirations, peace of mind, autonomy and negotiate their terms of interdependence, within their immediate social and life contexts.


1. Training Program on Non Formal Care Giving: Psychosocial Care And Inclusion

As an organization working in Development,
- Are you including the topic of disability inclusion, psychosocial health and well being?
Are you able to reach people with mental health issues and psychosocial disabilities?
Can you impart daily skill sets in supporting them?
What strategies do you use to talk about keeping well and living well? .
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2. Creative arts and performance in Non Formal Care Giving: Psychosocial Care and Inclusion
Asian culture is rich in colour, texture, taste, smells and body expressiveness. India is also known for its traditional forms of healing - yoga, meditations, storytelling, theatre, dance, breath practices, using voice in connecting to any transcendent entity, etc. However, these do remain esoteric or linked with religious practices.

Our training program, adapted to grassroots needs, breaks down creative expression to daily practices that can be easily assimilated in working with people. The training is not linked to any religion or religious practices, though it does go deep into the way we 'self' ourselves.
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Programming for Inclusion
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), along with the Sustainable Development Goals, provide the framework for the full inclusion and effective participation of persons with psychosocial disabilities in communities. Together, these frameworks provide a comprehensive methodology for making the paradigm shift from the medical model of treatment to the social model of Inclusion.

The Bapu Trust, Pune, has been driving change of paradigm by modelling community based mental health and inclusion services, after the advent of the CRPD. We have also been a part of intensive UNCRPD trainings, through TOTAL (of IDA), and thereon, at the regional and global levels.
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open pdf 1  :   "Capacity Enhancement for Upscaling".  :   open pdf 2  :   "Legacy of Trainings by CAMH".